The due time in this semester is coming, my project still has lots of work to do. I have already known about the five new technology. The Big Data is most popular technology among the list which I focus on(AR, VR, Big data,AI,Bitcoin).About bitcoin , in my own opinion ,it’s a technology which quite struggling, because many … More 2017/05/11

Read an academic paper

This week I find an academic paper “Networking into Academic Discourse”.It was written by  Mark Warschauer from University of California, Irvine. From the abstract , we can learn that the topic of article is  “the The rapid diffusion of information and communication technologies”.The author  will examine the experiences of three instructors in Hawaii who have attempted to integrate … More Read an academic paper

Searching Exercise of Academic articles

“Networking into academic discourse”  Author Mark Warschauer I find an article called on the Google Scholar. My key word is “computer academic articles”,it looks like a  masters thesis.This article included (Abstract,main body,conclusion,references)the context is very useful and reliable, so I think it is an academic article .The vocabulary in this article is very professional.It really fits the ‘structure of … More Searching Exercise of Academic articles